JACK LEE Bigger Than Life 2LP

JACK LEE Bigger Than Life 2LP

Double vinyl

A1 - Good Times
A2 - Give Me Some Time
A3 - Come Back And Stay
A4 - Any Day Now
A5 - Stand Back And Take A Good Look
A6 - Hanging On The Telephone
B1 - Women
B2 - I'm Gonna Have Fun
B3 - Crime Doesn't Pay
B4 - Paper Dolls
B5 - It's Hot Outside
C1 - Sex
C2 - Somebody Else To Love
C3 - Bird In A Cage
C4 - Why Am I So Lonely?
C5 - From Time To Time
C6 - Between Two People
D1 - Play With Me
D2 - Time Machine
D3 - The Girl In The Picture
D4 - Breaking Into My Heart
D5 - Bigger Than Life
D6 - Small World