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Vol. 1 (23 tracks): Erik Voeks (USA) The Parson Red Heads (USA) Kontiki Suite (UK) Wade Jackson (AUS) Elvyn (CAN) The Higher State (UK) Arvidson & Butterflies (SWE) The Carousels (UK) Stephen's Shore (SWE) The Young Sinclairs (USA) The Jangle Band (AUS) Luther Russell (USA) The Sensitive Drunks (AUS) Deadbeat Poets (USA) The Reverberations (USA) The Beginner's Mynd (USA) The Hanging Stars (UK) Dropkick (UK) The Belltowers (USA) Dreaming Spires (UK) The Outryders (AUS) Coke Belda (SPA) The Junipers (UK)

Vol. 2 (24 tracks): Rob Martinez (USA) Ronnie DAddario (USA) The Connection (USA) The Naturals (AUS) The Harmed Brothers (USA) The World Record (USA)
Starry Eyed And Laughing (UK) Diamond Hands (USA) The Parties (USA)
Jack Ellister (UK) Anton Barbeau (USA) Green Seagull (UK) Love Minus Zero (AUS)
The JAC (AUS) Gary Ritchie (USA) The Britannicas (SWE/AUS) Smile Factory (USA)
Peralta (SPA) Tommy Lorente (FRA) The Hangabouts (USA) Radiophonic Tuckshop (UK) Monserrat (SPA) Robyn Gibson (UK) Star Trip (SPA)

Vol. 3 (22 tracks): Scott Gagner (USA) The Small Square (USA) Bennett Wilson Poole (UK) The Raving Beauties (UK) The Morning Line (USA) The Citradels (AUS) Billy & Dolly (USA) Athanor (USA) Julian Bailinson (USA) The Jigsaw Seen (USA) Los Valendas (SPA) Co-Pilgrim (UK) The Nerk Twins (USA) Sid Griffin (USA) The Modulators (USA) Quant (SPA), Keith & Francine Smart (UK), Lannie Flowers (USA) Herb Eimerman (USA), Richard Snow & The Inlaws (UK), Portable Radio (UK) The Armoires (USA).